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Lacking of vitamins and mineral elements: Vitamins: 1.Vitamin A: it is important regarding growth activation and mucous membranes. It plays a significant role against contagion and participating in the process of bone formation. READ MORE

Encephalitis and Myelitis among horses: Definition: this disease has neurological symptoms with medium-high percentage of death. It is one of the dangerous diseases that infect horses. Disease transmission and spread: can be transmitted by different kinds of mosquitoes, also, it is believed that birds can play role in READ MORE

What the horses need? 1.Companionship of their counterpart or even little pony. 2.Regularly feeding of pasture, dried grass for forage, barley, apple and carrot. The quantity will be increased during the winter season. 3.Providing clean water constantly. 4.Shelter to protect them from biting cold, READ MORE